Friday, March 22, 2013

More German stuff!

Check it out! They're now selling German chocolate and stuff at the Creamery! It is by far the best way to spend all of my extra dining dollars.

Also, my good friend Jordan just got called to the same mission as me! We're both going to Frankfurt! He's really good at German, so I think he was hoping to get called there. He leaves for the MTC on May 1st, which was his availability date. So, yeah, exciting times in Building 9!

P.S. Chris and Nathan, I agree that shaving your armpits is definitely the way to go. I feel so free. And clean. (Also, Chris, you should write again. I laughed pretty hard while reading this one.)

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I just had my mind blown.

Since I've been at BYU, I've developed a slight addiction to Apple Beer. I usually get the bottles instead of cans because they're a little more fun. Yesterday they only had cans, on which they had printed a short history of Apple Beer. It said:
Finally, the genius of Bavarian biermeisters in a soft drink! Early in the 20th century, they created Apple Beer by using the unique flavor of small, aromatic, Sicilian apples. Originally known as Fassbrause - the soft drink with a head - this remarkable beverage was prepared and delivered much like beer, in wooden barrels, sitting on the back of a horse-drawn wagon. Celebrate Apple Beer's rich tradition by enjoying this taste of the Old World.
Fassbrause! I had no idea it was the same thing! I mean, it tastes a little different, but it's pretty close. Oh man, I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. Kinda makes me miss Germany and whatnot.

The good ol' days.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


As some of you may know, I really like cars and motorcycles and stuff. For the last year or so, I've made it an actual plan to get my motorcycle license after my mission, get good safety gear, and invest in a used beginner bike, like a Kawasaki Ninja 250 or something. (They're slow, cheap, and reliable.)

Here's an example of a Ninja 250 on for $1000.
I got hooked on the idea of having a bike when I rode my friend's Ninja around the church parking lot. It was awesome (not to use the term lightly). I can really only compare the experience to a dream I had where I was riding a motorcycle across an open desert at night, just man and machine, traveling over the land.... Anyways, it's a lot of fun. If you ever get the chance to ride one, take it.

But David, aren't motorcycles dangerous? Yes, but I think it's worth it. Driving a car, flying in a plane, and riding a bike are all dangerous, too. It is often said: "You're going to die. Question is, are you going to live first?" Kinda cheesy, I know. But really, with a good quality helmet, riding jacket, and gloves, your chances of survival in a crash go up dramatically. (I always cringe when I see people riding in Utah without a helmet.) Point is, I'm going to get safe gear, ride defensively, and enjoy life.

Also, I really like motorcycle aesthetics. Here are some of my favorites:

This style of bike is a "cafe racer." They have really cool history behind them.
Moving pieces of art, in my opinion.

This is an "adventure" style bike. These are the kind that people will often take
around the world.
And finally, fear itself. This is a Ducati Monster 1100. My dream bike.
Well, there you go. Motorcycles are cool.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mr. Fish

Here he is eating some tasty fish flakes.

About a month ago Cody (my roommate) and I decided we needed a fish. So we went to Walmart and bought a blue beta fish. We never got around to naming him, so he goes by Mr. Fish. Technically we're not allowed to have pets in the dorms, but our R.A. saw it and said it was a nice "biology project," so I think we're okay. We just put him (our fish) in the closet for cleaning checks and such.

Oh, and here is my last minute Halloween costume. It was pretty warm in there.

P.S. The new shampoo is great.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Yo yo yo my name is Fally Joe and I'm walking down the street like a mashed potato.

Hey guys. I'm still going to count this as November 1st because I haven't gone to bed yet. It's okay, my first class on Friday is at 11. And I'm invincible. Because I'm an adult.

My Halloween was pretty fun. I hiked the Y for the first time, went to the "Awful Waffle," and wrapped myself in three rolls of tin foil. I'll post a picture tomorrow. It looked really good for a last minute costume.

I also signed up for my next semester of classes the other day. None of my classes will start until 11 or noon, so I can actually enjoy my mornings now. Asleep. Right now my major is Manufacturing Engineering Technology: think of the show "How It's Made." If I'm lucky, I'll get to help work on some of the BYU Racing projects in the next few years. BYU broke a world record last year with the help of us nerd type.

Well, college is going pretty well. I just bought some new shampoo today that I can't wait to try out. And the library is my new best friend. I'm going to sleep now.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey family! I just wanted to share my life with you. In no chronological order whatsoever, here goes:

1. I got my Eagle scout award! I got my final signature a whole week before my birthday, which is the new record in the Lewis family. My court of honor was last week. Here's a nifty picture:

2. I'm now a Melchizedek priesthood holder! But I think I'll go to Priest quorum for a bit longer. We're all pretty tight.

3. I'm an adult!

4. I bought some razors and shaving cream the other day! Like an adult!

5. I helped my friend Conner (who's grandpa is this guy) design and build this thing! He's in Utah now building a new one and is eventually going to start a company. It runs in their family, I guess.

6. Mom, Ali, and I are flying out to Utah on the 20th of August!

7. I applied to the Industrial Design program at BYU! If that doesn't work out, I'll most likely try for mechanical engineering.

8. I bought an iPad on Amazon a while back! It's a 16gb first generation one, so it was pretty cheap.

9. I found a small LCD TV that our neighbors were throwing away! I hooked up the old GameCube and I've been playing Animal Crossing and Splinter Cell and such.

10. I'll be at High Adventure this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! I'll be getting a mohawk tomorrow in preparation. 

11. I was part of a seven stake youth dance festival for Youth Conference!

12. I get to have an ultrasound of my heart tomorrow! I had my physical for High Adventure today and they did an EKG because the doctor thought my heartbeat sounded funny. The results showed some irregularity in my heartbeat. We then went to the cardiologist where they did another EKG. This one showed that I was perfectly fine. The doctor said they probably put the sticky-electro tabs on incorrectly during my physical. So just to follow up, the cardiologist people are going to do an echo-cardiogram tomorrow. So I'm pretty stoked to see my own heartbeat on a screen.

13. I have weighed the same for the past 2 years or so. Pretty crazy.

Well, that's that! Maybe I'll write again soon. Maybe.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I win the money!

Hey hey! I won the "First Day of Snow in Ashburn, Virginia" Contest! I guessed the 13th and it snowed today, the 10th. It only snowed for 30 minutes around 10:00 AM, but it was enough to be official! Here are everyone else's guesses:

4 Mom
5 Bryan
6 Dad
13 David
16 Nathan
18 Alison
20 Lisa
22 Mark
28 Katie and Anna

I asked dad for a king-size 100 Grand. Oh man, those are my favorite of all time.

Also, for anyone interested, tomorrow I get my driver's license! That is, if I pass my driving test. I hope I won't crash and/or die.

Doubley also, for anyone interested, Stone Bridge High School is playing tomorrow at UVA for the state title! It's a pretty big deal. We're playing against Phoebus, who hasn't lost a game since 2007 (they lost to us). But we've won every single game this season, too. And we've beaten the other teams by a lot. So, it'll be a good game. I have feeling we're going to win this one. I don't think I can go, but it should be on TV.

Tripley also, I'm super duper excited for Christmas! It will super duper fun! And we'll all have a super duper time!