Friday, December 10, 2010

I win the money!

Hey hey! I won the "First Day of Snow in Ashburn, Virginia" Contest! I guessed the 13th and it snowed today, the 10th. It only snowed for 30 minutes around 10:00 AM, but it was enough to be official! Here are everyone else's guesses:

4 Mom
5 Bryan
6 Dad
13 David
16 Nathan
18 Alison
20 Lisa
22 Mark
28 Katie and Anna

I asked dad for a king-size 100 Grand. Oh man, those are my favorite of all time.

Also, for anyone interested, tomorrow I get my driver's license! That is, if I pass my driving test. I hope I won't crash and/or die.

Doubley also, for anyone interested, Stone Bridge High School is playing tomorrow at UVA for the state title! It's a pretty big deal. We're playing against Phoebus, who hasn't lost a game since 2007 (they lost to us). But we've won every single game this season, too. And we've beaten the other teams by a lot. So, it'll be a good game. I have feeling we're going to win this one. I don't think I can go, but it should be on TV.

Tripley also, I'm super duper excited for Christmas! It will super duper fun! And we'll all have a super duper time!


Anna said...

Hahaha! Good luck on your getting your license tomorrow. I failed the first time. It turns out, they actually expect you to study. I am sure you will do awesome.

Soapy sure misses you. We wrapped your Christmas present the other day and she got so excited. She often says "Christmas" and "Day-Day" in the same breath. I think she thinks they are a little the same thing.

Also, we got Bryan and Katie's Christmas card and every time she looks at it she laughs and says, "Silly Day-Day." She thinks Bryan is you. It's pretty funny.

Katie said...

Man, David, it's so awesome when you post on your blog. I gasped and got really excited when I saw that you had posted. Awesome awesome. Way to be part of this blogging family.

Also, congrats on winning the snow contest. Although I'm a little bummed I didn't win... although it would have been pretty bad if I had won since that's the day we all fly out. And because then I would have had to share my candy bar with Anna.

And just to add to funny stories involving your nieces and them saying your name, I was trying to get Olivia to say your name yesterday in hopes that you will grow to love her as much as I hear you love Soapy and Jo Jo. Anyway, she wasn't too interested in trying to say "David" so I tried getting her to say "Davey." And then she repeated it by saying "Baby." Hahahaha.

Two more things I wanted to say even though this comment is already super long:

1. 100 Grand candy bars are such trash. I'm kind of embarrassed for you that you like them, but hopefully we can still be family friends anyway.

2. We are super excited to see you at Christmas.

Katie said...

Ahh! And I forgot to say...


When I took my drivers license test I was doing really well. And then the guy told me to make a right turn. So I very carefully got into the left turn lane... and realized my mistake... and then realized I had made it so we were then heading back to the DMV. I was pretty sure I had failed and ended the test early and ruined my whole life. But he ended up passing me anyway and I didn't have to do some other stuff, so it was pretty great. Hopefully you'll be just as lucky. Or maybe you'll just do everything right. Either way, best of luck.

Lisa Lou said...

don't drive on the dotted line. That is not the lane. That is the only advise I have for you.

Also, cool beans that you won the contest!!

Also, wanna ride bikes over Christmas break?