Sunday, December 21, 2008


Oh yeah, the winner of the most interesting food contest is....


Okay so at first I thought you were talking about LEECH slurpers, something like this:

But then I thought, "wow, that's really gross" and read it again and realized it said LEECHEES. So then I was like "okay, that makes more sense, something like THIS"

Yeah, so, that's pretty much it.

Oh yeah! Christmas is in 4 days! YAAYY!

the end

Monday, December 15, 2008


Right now I am hungry. About an hour ago I ate dinner. Actually Nathan cooked a frozen pizza, but me and Ali ate it. So we made Nathan some soup, and he ate it. So right now if I could have anything that I wanted, it would probably be some corn dogs. And some jell-o. Mmmmm.....


So if anyone else is craving something, comment it, and whoever has the coolest answer will get a prize. Don't worry, it'll be something cool.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can a rectangle be a square?

As some of you may already know, a while ago me and Ali made a bet. For $5. Here is the bet:

Alison- A square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can NOT be a square.

David- A square is a rectangle, and sometimes a rectangle is a square.

My reasoning is that a square will always be considered a rectangle, because a rectangle need to have all four corners 90 degrees and the opposite sides need to be parallel. So we agree on that.

What we don't agree on is if it is possible for a rectangle to be a square. I say that it is possible. Alison says that it isn't. My reasoning is since squares are rectangles, you know that some rectangles can be squares -- namely, the squares are.
(I got that from this website -- It explains it really well)

Also, I can see why Alison thinks that rectangles can't be squares. I believe she thinks that squares and rectangles are two different things. Here:

So as you can see, fig 1. is a square and fig 2. is a rectangle. But fig 1. is also a rectangle. It is both a square and a rectangle. So, if we were to refer to fig 1, we could say a rectangle can indeed be a square.

Thank you.