Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey family! I just wanted to share my life with you. In no chronological order whatsoever, here goes:

1. I got my Eagle scout award! I got my final signature a whole week before my birthday, which is the new record in the Lewis family. My court of honor was last week. Here's a nifty picture:

2. I'm now a Melchizedek priesthood holder! But I think I'll go to Priest quorum for a bit longer. We're all pretty tight.

3. I'm an adult!

4. I bought some razors and shaving cream the other day! Like an adult!

5. I helped my friend Conner (who's grandpa is this guy) design and build this thing! He's in Utah now building a new one and is eventually going to start a company. It runs in their family, I guess.

6. Mom, Ali, and I are flying out to Utah on the 20th of August!

7. I applied to the Industrial Design program at BYU! If that doesn't work out, I'll most likely try for mechanical engineering.

8. I bought an iPad on Amazon a while back! It's a 16gb first generation one, so it was pretty cheap.

9. I found a small LCD TV that our neighbors were throwing away! I hooked up the old GameCube and I've been playing Animal Crossing and Splinter Cell and such.

10. I'll be at High Adventure this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! I'll be getting a mohawk tomorrow in preparation. 

11. I was part of a seven stake youth dance festival for Youth Conference!

12. I get to have an ultrasound of my heart tomorrow! I had my physical for High Adventure today and they did an EKG because the doctor thought my heartbeat sounded funny. The results showed some irregularity in my heartbeat. We then went to the cardiologist where they did another EKG. This one showed that I was perfectly fine. The doctor said they probably put the sticky-electro tabs on incorrectly during my physical. So just to follow up, the cardiologist people are going to do an echo-cardiogram tomorrow. So I'm pretty stoked to see my own heartbeat on a screen.

13. I have weighed the same for the past 2 years or so. Pretty crazy.

Well, that's that! Maybe I'll write again soon. Maybe.


Anna said...

"3. I'm an adult!

4. I bought some razors and shaving cream the other day! Like an adult!"

Hahahaha! David I miss you. This was a VERY satisfying post. Also that is crazy that you have weighed the same for two years. You should go for ten years...

Mostly, I am really impressed you got you eagle. That's a super big deal. And I'm excited for you to go to college. I hope all your dreams come true.:)

Patricia said...

Loved the post. Hope they come often from BYU!

Katie Lewis said...


I was trying to think of something cool to say, but I'm too excited that you wrote on your blog again to think of anything cool. I hope you miss us all a lot at college so you'll post on your blog all the time. That would be grand.

Also, way to go getting your Eagle! That is impressive indeed. And don't you love that you can just whip out "Yeah, I'm an Eagle Scout," anytime you want? You're sure to impress girlfriends and potential employers for years to come.

I also love that you talked about being an adult twice and then said that you're going to priest quorum and that you participated in the youth dance festival all in the same post. :) It's hard to be the youngest and get any respect though. Haha.

Okay, well, I'm excited that you graced us all with your presence here in blog land. Please feel free to talk your mom and Alison (and maybe even your dad?) into making a trip out here to visit us all before you go away to college forever. That would be grand too.

Nathan said...

I looked at the pictures of the Fiat-tana. It looks pretty sick. Is it licensed and registered and everything? 'Cause that would be pretty cool to get it legal.