Friday, November 2, 2012

Yo yo yo my name is Fally Joe and I'm walking down the street like a mashed potato.

Hey guys. I'm still going to count this as November 1st because I haven't gone to bed yet. It's okay, my first class on Friday is at 11. And I'm invincible. Because I'm an adult.

My Halloween was pretty fun. I hiked the Y for the first time, went to the "Awful Waffle," and wrapped myself in three rolls of tin foil. I'll post a picture tomorrow. It looked really good for a last minute costume.

I also signed up for my next semester of classes the other day. None of my classes will start until 11 or noon, so I can actually enjoy my mornings now. Asleep. Right now my major is Manufacturing Engineering Technology: think of the show "How It's Made." If I'm lucky, I'll get to help work on some of the BYU Racing projects in the next few years. BYU broke a world record last year with the help of us nerd type.

Well, college is going pretty well. I just bought some new shampoo today that I can't wait to try out. And the library is my new best friend. I'm going to sleep now.


Anna said...

1. "Because I am an adult."

2. "I just bought some new shampoo today that I can't wait to try out."

Just two more examples to support my theory that 18-20 year old boys are the funniest creatures in the world.

Lisa Lou said...

Classes should never start before at least 9 am. Good job getting late classes.

I'm really excited that you are going to be writing more. Also, that you are coming to Logan in like 3 weeks.

Bryan Lewis said...

Do you like the library because you study there, or do you just play there? Did I ever tell you about the secret book hidden in the library that you can sign your name in if you find it?

Katie Lewis said...

You're alive! We haven't heard from you since you left for college. Glad you're still keeping your hair clean.

P.S. This is me bullying you to take away the awful comment verification: bully, bully, bully... take it down, please?

Patricia said...

Can't wait to see alu-wrapped David!
Glad you're friends with the library.