Sunday, November 18, 2012


I just had my mind blown.

Since I've been at BYU, I've developed a slight addiction to Apple Beer. I usually get the bottles instead of cans because they're a little more fun. Yesterday they only had cans, on which they had printed a short history of Apple Beer. It said:
Finally, the genius of Bavarian biermeisters in a soft drink! Early in the 20th century, they created Apple Beer by using the unique flavor of small, aromatic, Sicilian apples. Originally known as Fassbrause - the soft drink with a head - this remarkable beverage was prepared and delivered much like beer, in wooden barrels, sitting on the back of a horse-drawn wagon. Celebrate Apple Beer's rich tradition by enjoying this taste of the Old World.
Fassbrause! I had no idea it was the same thing! I mean, it tastes a little different, but it's pretty close. Oh man, I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. Kinda makes me miss Germany and whatnot.

The good ol' days.


alison said...

dude i had no idea!! and where'd you find that picture of our house??

Patricia said...

Look at that house!! Used to be filled with running, screaming, crazy kids!!
That's cool that you found Fassbrause...

David x- said...

The house:

Bryan Lewis said...

Phil I <3 U