Friday, March 22, 2013

More German stuff!

Check it out! They're now selling German chocolate and stuff at the Creamery! It is by far the best way to spend all of my extra dining dollars.

Also, my good friend Jordan just got called to the same mission as me! We're both going to Frankfurt! He's really good at German, so I think he was hoping to get called there. He leaves for the MTC on May 1st, which was his availability date. So, yeah, exciting times in Building 9!

P.S. Chris and Nathan, I agree that shaving your armpits is definitely the way to go. I feel so free. And clean. (Also, Chris, you should write again. I laughed pretty hard while reading this one.)


alison said...

you should take me out to eat more instead... also, i was laughing super hard reading those old posts from chris.

Nathan said...

One day at work I went through all of Chris' blag reading his posts and I was laughing really really hard and my boss kept wondering what I was laughing at.

And yes, shaving the ol' pits is really liberating.

Katie Lewis said...

I'm not sure what to think about being married to the last remaining Lewis boy who does not shave his armpits. Should I be happy about this? Disgusted by this? Or disgusted by the rest of you? Hard to say.

Also, that's cool that your friend is going to Germany. Boo-yah.

Bryan Lewis said...

Nooo David. Dont go to the dark side. If you ever let your hair grow back, it will be very very itchy!